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The Optimization Mindset:

Unlocking Potential in Everything I Touch

Ever since childhood, I have been captivated by how things work. Factory tours fueled a fascination with creation, and new apps became playgrounds for exploration. This curiosity translated into a career where I've developed hundreds of consumer products, generating over $200 million in incremental revenue.

But my passion goes beyond just building. I transformed a simple napkin sketch into a thriving creator platform, constantly seeking ways to bridge the gap between technology and the people it serves.


My secret ?

An eye for both the big picture and the intricate details.


By deeply understanding the business, the product, its users, and underlying processes, I identify inefficiencies, optimize departmental operations, and ultimately drive growth.


The truth is, every business and product has hidden potential.

I'm here to help you unlock it.

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Behind the Resume
Unveiling the Passion for User-Centric Transformation

There is more to my story than meets the resume eye. While my professional journey may appear to meander, each twist and turn has fueled a burning passion for user-centric transformation.


Yes, you can find the "when" and "what" on my resume and LinkedIn, but here is where I delve into the "why".

Pre 2007: Mastering the Art of the Military Move

The whirlwind of relocations – a fact that might make some cringe, but for me, it was a source of growth and opportunity. Remote work wasn't an option, so each move became a springboard for professional reinvention.

Washington D.C. opened my eyes to the world of trade associations, where I thrived as a Manager of Economic Affairs. Then, in Arizona, I delved into a fascinating new territory: legal case discovery at the JAG Office on a military base. Southern California offered a chance to transition from program management at Fujitsu to market research for a division of First American Corporation. Across the pond, in the UK, I started my journey as a customer service rep and quickly led product development for two pan-European paint brands!


Every location presented a fresh adventure and a chance to reinvent myself. These experiences instilled in me a deep sense of adaptability, resourcefulness, and the ability to learn quickly. More importantly, they ignited a hunger for exploration that extends far beyond geography, constantly pushing me to seek out new knowledge and experiences. It's during this time that my passion for optimization and efficiency truly began to take root.


Bonus: To this day, I can pack up and relocate in just a few weeks – I've become a relocation expert!

2007 to 2014 - The Power of Customer Centricity

Six months can change your life. They were not kidding. In 2007, a Miami relocation and a seemingly temporary gig as the twelfth employee in the newly created international division of Jarden Consumer Solutions blossomed into a seven-year whirlwind that transformed my product management and marketing career.

Our once US-centric product line was about to take a global leap, launching on five continents with technical manuals in a dozen languages – all within a year! I found myself wearing many hats.  Day one?  I was knee-deep at the Oster Professional manufacturing plant in Tennessee – a baptism by fire if there ever was one!


Creating product roadmaps and driving strategies was exhilarating, but the most formative experience was building an international product team from scratch. Leading this incredible group of professionals was extremely rewarding. We even revamped the stage-gate process to adapt to the fast-paced international market.


But the truest impact came from launching products that empowered professionals. Seeing the tools we developed enable groomers and barbers to earn a living was deeply fulfilling. This experience underscored the importance of understanding the end user and involving all stakeholders in the product development process. Presenting product plans to the factory and walking the production line were always highlights for me.

2014 to 2015 - From Minecraft to Launching a Platform

The world of product development is my playground – a constant stream of possibilities and diverse challenges that keep me energized. Joining Jazwares, a high-growth children's toy company in 2014, was a perfect fit. Leading a team of 20 product managers and designers was exhilarating!

Slashing time and boosting efficiency is a passion point for me. I spearheaded the implementation of 3D printing into the product development process, resulting in a 6-month reduction in the development cycle – a win for both creativity and speed.


Working with licensed brands was a constant source of inspiration, and one of my first projects involved developing small figures and plush toys for the blockbuster hit Minecraft. This immersive experience even led to a month-long adventure at a factory in China. Seeing the inner workings of toy manufacturing firsthand proved invaluable.

Fate, however, had a surprise detour in store.  While in China, a casual napkin sketch from the CEO sparked a whole new direction. That simple drawing evolved into JazWings, an online platform for creators. Here, I had the incredible opportunity to build a platform from the ground up. In just ten short months, we went from concept to a successful launch at New York Comic Con, boasting a subscriber base of 500!

Looking back, it's hard to believe that a year prior, agile and scrum were uncharted territory for me. This project became a crash course in the fast-paced world of consumer tech, and I thrived on every challenge.

2015 to 2019 - Pivoting into Tech

2015 marked the beginning of my tech adventure.  An opportunity arose to become an independent consultant, and I could not resist. It was an immersive tech playground where I sourced clients across diverse industries, all united by a common thread – the development of innovative consumer tech products.

As a growth consultant, I wore many hats. My portfolio boasted 14 accounts, ranging from fledgling startups to established SMBs. I championed the development of SaaS solutions, cutting-edge mobile apps, and smart products.


But my entrepreneurial spirit craved more. I co-founded an acceleration program that bridged the gap between Miami startups and the heart of Silicon Valley. This program fostered growth, facilitated access to crucial resources, and allowed me to experience the startup ecosystem firsthand.


This journey was a catalyst for skill adaptation. I seamlessly transitioned from developing tangible consumer products to shaping intangible tech solutions. Terms like "stage-gate" gave way to the fast-paced world of "agile," and lengthy product development cycles transformed into iterative sprints.  My expertise expanded to encompass product development, product management, marketing, and business development.


This experience wasn't just a chapter in my career; it was an irreplaceable stepping stone. It solidified one core principle: at the heart of every successful product lies a deep understanding of the customer.

2019-2020 - Innovation, Automation, and Manufactured Tech

Forget the desk. This wasn't a traditional job; it was a globe-trotting adventure. I navigated between three dynamic locations: the tech hub of San Francisco, the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, and the heart of Chinese manufacturing, Dongguan.

As Head of Marketing & Strategic Planning and Product Management Lead at Cosmo, I gained an invaluable insider's perspective. Witnessing firsthand the inner workings of multinational tech companies birthing innovative products amidst the intricate dance of automation solutions was truly inspiring.


My role transcended marketing. I was immersed in the entire product ecosystem. Becoming fluent in the language of OEMs, CMs, CEMs, and ECMs bridged the gap between my consumer goods and consumer tech experiences, adding the manufactured tech components, and transforming me into a well-rounded tech leader.


I spearheaded the creation of compelling internal and external marketing communications, crafting impactful messages that resonated with both our team and the broader tech world. But my reach extended beyond marketing. I conceptualized a unified global vision, modernized employee KPI tools, actively forged strategic business partnerships, and even led the company's internal product development efforts.

2020 to 2021 - A Year of Reset and Renewal

2020 was a year of unexpected change – a global curveball for everyone.  The economic landscape shifted, and like many others, I found myself facing unemployment. But instead of letting this define me, I viewed it as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Product management has always been my passion, especially when associated with process and creating efficiency. It is where my skills and enthusiasm truly ignite. However, this unexpected pause granted me a chance to reassess my priorities and refocus my energy.


Volunteering became my mission. Helping those in need instilled a sense of purpose and allowed me to connect with my community in a meaningful way. Simultaneously, I dove headfirst into learning. Webinars, online courses, and professional networking became my new daily grind.


This introspective journey was a revelation. It solidified a core truth: making a positive impact on people is what truly motivates me.

2021 to 2022 - Fueling Innovation

Have you ever wanted to be at the heart of groundbreaking product creation? For me, that became reality when I joined the Employbridge Innovation Team as an Emerging Product and Service Lead. Here, I plunged headfirst into the exhilarating "zero to one" phase, where raw ideas morph into products that could revolutionize the recruiting landscape.

What ignites my passion most? Immersing myself in the early stages of product development, that critical incubation phase. This is where we laser-focus on understanding the clients' needs. It is all about digging deep into pain points through insightful interviews and crafting prototypes that spark further exploration.


But it did not stop there. We went beyond identifying needs and meticulously map the entire user journey. Envisioning this multilayered experience is essential for laying the foundation for a truly impactful product vision. It is not just about functionality; it is about creating something that empowers!

2022 to 2024 - The unexpected blend I craved

Enterprise Business Architecture (EBA) was not on my 2022 roadmap, and adding the UX/UIE layer in 2023 was even more unexpected.  But I have always thrived in diverse roles, wearing many hats across consulting, product development, project management, marketing, and even a dash of innovation. This unforeseen blend of EBA and user experience (UX/UIE) turned into a magical blend that brought all of my skillset together, in a way I never imagined. 

As Senior Director of EBX at EmployBridge, I led four fantastic teams on a crucial mission: becoming the internal consulting arm for our ambitious digital transformation. EBA captured and analyzed business processes, with UXR (User Experience Research) identifying users and their  pain points, UXD (User Experience Design) customizing the enterprise user experience, and UIE (User Interface Engineering) focusing on implementation. Think process flow charts, data maps, and in-depth user experience analysis all seamlessly integrated with UX practices. The goal? To gain a crystal-clear picture of how things work (and where they might not) for all users – clients, candidates, and internal colleagues alike.


But EBX went beyond the technical aspects. It was the bridge between technology and the people it serves. We translated and contextualized client-stakeholder needs into actionable language that informed major technology projects and commercial models. Ensuring these projects delivered real value for everyone involved was paramount. Through EBX impact analysis, we identified process inefficiencies, championed automation, and delivered impactful recommendations.  Optimizing processes had a tangible impact on the user experience at every level!

Beyond the Resume
A Look at Past Partnerships

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Industrial Staffing
Digital Solution

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Engineered Soft Goods
Manufactured Tech

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Hosted Servers
HaaS Cloud Solution

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Smart Tabletop Games

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Lightning Prevention
Devices + Application


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Home Care Products
Connected Household Appliance

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Odor Neutralizers Manufacturer
Consumer Goods


Professional Services

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Design and Manufacturing
Children Toys


Idea Incubator
Platform for Creators

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Licensed Manufacturer
Children Toys

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Design and Manufacturing 
Professional Products


Building Success Together

Cosmo Supply Ltd

"Sophie helped to collect important data and helped to structure this idea to make it real."

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